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        2013 advertising campaign

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        Pierre Cardin – Past, Present, Future

        2013 advertising campaign


        On the way to Beijing International Airport terminal 3, we see a billboard written ‘Past, Present, Future’ by Pierre Cardin, it makes perfect sense for this world-wide fashion trademark.


        Past – More than 30 years ago, Pierre Cardin brought his fashion to this country along with his dreams of exchanging culture between France and China. He is the first Western designer who came to China during the 70s right after China’s reform regime.


        Present - thanks to years of investment, Pierre Cardin has become one of the most well-known Western fashion designers in China. Notwithstanding more and more competitors from all over the world have established their business in China, he is still very much present in the country.


        Future - Pierre Cardin was more than once on the cover of TIME magazine, one of which he was wearing an astronaut costume, as his designs, he has a mind of futurist. We look forward to the beautiful surprises he is going to give us in the future….